Domaine Lapierre


Vinified by Louis-Antoine Luyt, this cuvée made from the grape variety pais, comes from the Quenehuao parcel located in the Maule region in the province of Constitucion in Chile. The vineyards are dry farmed and grow on decaying granite-like terrain ranging from sand to pebbles, mixed with iron-rich-red-clay. The parcel Quenehuao means ‘cool place’ in the indigenous Mapudungun language.

During their visit to Chile in December of 2008, together, Marie and Marcel Lapierre and Louis-Antoine Luyt chose this parcel for its history and exposition, a kind of hillside reminiscent of the Côte du Py. Later, Mathieu and Camille traveled to Chile several times to aid in the vinification alongside Louis-Antoine.

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